About Us

  • The FlipFlop Recycling Company

    Magic Through Craftsmanship

    We collect discarded flipflops that were previously blighting waterways and coastlines around the world. The magic happens through craftsmanship, as talented artisans from local communities earn an income transforming the collected waste into wonderful flipflop creations.

    Creating a Sustainable Impact

    The FFRC is cleaning up our beaches and therefore helping to conserve the wider marine ecosystem. Through this process we are able to create greater awareness about the ocean and its inhabitants. A further belief in the importance of developing business skills at the local level is helping to foster sustainable development in areas that need it the most.

  • How it works in Kenya

    Take a Dip into the Ocean Brand

    Our flagship location in Kenya is a lively celebration of positive eco and social practices. To gain a better appreciation of what the Ocean Brand is about, visitors are encouraged to take a tour through our recycling hub and production centre, where you see these discarded flipflops collected from the region magically evolve into usable works of art.

    An Experience to Savour

    This colourful range of items, which can all be found in our on-location shop, include anything from household goods, fashion items and accessories -all created from recycled flipflops!Once you emerge from this absorbing experience, you can enjoy our delightful coffee shop and luxury spa, as the kids keep themselves entertained in the play zones especially created for them.

    Our planet’s beautiful yet fragile oceans inspired the vision for a world-wide Ocean Brand that is a restorer and ambassador for the world’s coastlines.