FFRC Opportunities

Partnering for Greater Impact

If you are passionate about conserving Planet Earth’s marine life and its ecosystems and supporting sustainable community development, then you will be interested in partnering with the FFRC. Our partner model is fast to implement and ideal for those looking to start a sustainable and scalable business enterprise.

Support and Business Services

Our global headquarters handle expansion into new markets and assist partners to set up supply hubs, production centres and retail stores around the world. We also manage flagship Ocean Brand stores and coordinate Ocean Brand branding and marketing efforts across the globe.

Supply and Production

Supply hubs are the frontline of Ocean Brand clean up and community development activities.

  • Supply hubs drive coastline collection activities at local level and work closely with community groups to provide flipflop raw material to recycle.
  • Production centres train artisans from local community groups on how to create flipflop products and thus earn a sustainable livelihood for their families.

The Ocean Brand provides dedicated support to supply and production hubs across the globe. We help you ensure that production practices meet global ethical standards and that all FFRC products are of high quality.


This is your opportunity to start a unique and vibrant retail concept that is guaranteed to make a splash! FFRC retail sales are our connection to the outside world. Customers can purchase wonderful flipflop products and experience the magic of the flipflop story.

As a partner of the FlipFlop Recycling Company ethos, we will guide you in sales and distribution development of the flipflop products.

Local retail outlets work closely with our larger Ocean Brand flagship stores around the world to create an intimate Ocean Brand community across the globe.

Dive into this opportunity to make this lively retail concept come alive within your area.