Learn About Hex Bolts and Fasteners and Their Various Types

Hex-head screws have a hexagonal-shaped head that may be tightened using a wrench or socket that interacts with the hex head’s exterior top part. These fasteners feature an exterior polygon head, which should not be mistaken with a hexagon socket head, or an Allen, which has an enclosed hexagonal socket that may be operated by hex bits or keys.

Hex bolts are so named because the peak of every bolt has six sides. The hexagon form shape makes them easy to identify. Bolts are measured in three different ways: pitch, diameter, and length.

  • The pitch is that the threads should be measured.
  • The diameter refers to the bolt’s shank width, not the peak.
  • The length of the bolt is measured from the chamfer’s tip to the head’s lowest point. As a result because of the peak and the chamfer, a two-inch hex bolt can be somewhat longer than two inches.

Hex bolts are widely used in construction and home repair. They are available in a bewildering array of sizes and styles at Fair Wind and Fastener. Their bronze hex bolts contain high strength, electrically conductive, corrosion-resistant, and non-magnetic properties. The screws are fully threaded with imperial coarse thread and meet grade markings and specifications.

Types of Hex Bolts and Fasteners

Hex head bolts and fasteners are available in a variety of designs to meet your needs, from heavy-duty industrial styles to small building components.

  • Flange/Frame Bolts: Due to a rim below the head, these hex head bolts are frequently joined without a separate washer.
  • Heavy Hex Bolts: Heavy hex bolts give greater strength for heavy-duty industrial applications such as bridges and infrastructure.
  • Hex Head Cap Screws: Hex head cap screws are used with nuts or tapped holes and have hexagonal heads with machine threads.
  • Machine Bolts: Hex machine bolts are constructed of steel and are suitable for use in corrosive surroundings.
  • Metric Bolts: Metric bolts are hex head bolts with machine threads that can be utilized without a separate washer.
  • Military-Spec Bolts and Fasteners: These hex head bolts and fasteners are made for military use.
  • Structural Bolts: Structural bolts are constructed of steel and are used in steel joints in heavy construction.
  • Tap Bolts: Tap bolts are completely threaded hex bolts that are put into holes in assembled components and tightened with a nut.

The Function of Hex Bolt

Hex bolts can be either used with nuts or in pre-tapped holes. They will next be tightened with socket sets, hex bolt wrench, hex keys, spanners, and ratchet spanners, etc. The hexagon-shaped head makes it easy to hold hex bolts from a variety of angles with various tools. This makes installation and removal straightforward, as well as loosening and tightening hex bolts once they are in place.

Hex bolts are the most enticing bolts in your toolbox. They do not need to be used with a nut. They can be used with any tool and they come in any size or finish. Stock up on a variety of hex bolts and you will always be prepared to take on a variety of jobs.