Easy steps to maintain your Air Conditioner

The AC is without doubt the most important appliance that you purchase for your home. They are vital during summer because they regulate the temperature of the air. This creates a pleasant environment in your home.

An AC that doesn’t work properly can cause extreme discomfort, especially when the humidity is at its highest to you and your family. AC that isn’t maintained consumes more energy and don’t function as efficiently as they should.

It is crucial to ensure that your air conditioners are properly maintained and serviced regularly. It is important to take preventative measures to ensure that such an unfortunate situation doesn’t happen.

Five steps you should be aware of to maintain your air-conditioner efficiently:

Wash and clean the air filter

ACs has filters that prevent dirt and dust from getting into your home. To ensure that they function properly, air filters should not be clogged with particulate matter. Your room’s air quality will be affected if your filter is dirty. End-users can clean air filters easily daily.

Clean your coils

Refrigerant is used to cool the room by cooling air conditioning coils. These coils are more susceptible to becoming insulated by dust particles that reduce their ability to absorb heat. This situation means that the air conditioner unit will need to work harder to maintain the room’s temperature. This is why it is important to ensure that the coils are maintained clean.

It is dangerous to touch the coils as they are sharp.

Condenser Unit Fans in Good Condition

The AC’s performance is dependent on the condenser unit fan. It cools down refrigerant gases. The AC won’t cool the room if the fan doesn’t function properly. A condenser fan could be at fault if you hear unusual sounds from your AC. Professional experts should be called immediately to inspect the motor and examine any cracks or chips in the blades.

Have the Condensate Drain examined

The condensate drain is responsible for condensation. Condensate drains that are blocked can block drainage.

Regular Professional Maintenance

AC maintenance is essential for reducing electricity bills and preventing equipment breakdowns. AC maintenance professionals are equipped to diagnose and repair any AC problems. For optimal performance, ensure that your AC is maintained at the recommended times.

If you take care of your AC, choose only BAC Services, they can increase its efficiency so you and your family have the highest level of comfort.

Tips on Air Conditioner Maintenance

It’s possible to make a difference with a little bit of maintenance. These are the things you need to know before scheduling a maintenance visit.

Clean the filters.

Routinely replacing or cleaning your air filters will make your air conditioner more efficient. Every month, replace a one-inch pleated filter.  If your air conditioner is constantly in use, is subjected to dusty conditions or if you have pets in your home, filters might need to be replaced more frequently.

Clean the coils in your air conditioner

The condenser coils and condenser coils of the air conditioner collect dirt over time. This dirt decreases airflow and insulates coils, decreasing their ability to absorb heat. Condenser coils outside can also get dirty from dust and foliage.

Take out all debris

Things like leaves, dirt, and grass clippings can build up over time on your air conditioner. This will reduce the system’s capacity and decrease airflow. To keep the unit’s airflow open, it is important to trim back any shrubs or plants that surround the unit.

Straighten coil fins

Aluminum fins found on condenser or evaporator coils are easy to bend and can block airflow.