Why you Should Hire Professional Painters?

Over the years, your walls will have accumulated stains and dents. The wallpaper or paint color you used to be a wall covering has become out of fashion. You’re ready to change with the times, but it has been a while since your last painting project. Is it better to hire someone or do it yourself? These are five reasons why you should hire a professional painter!

It’s quick!

One-room painting can take up a lot of time and cause you to think a lot. A painting company can help you relax and ease your mind. They are skilled in painting safely and efficiently so that they can complete your rooms quickly. This allows you to concentrate on more important things.

The job will be completed much faster if you hire a contractor. A contractor will also speed up the process. It may take you several weeks to paint your house.


House painting can lead to many unnecessary conflicts. These jobs can sometimes take a negative turn that you might not be ready for, such as major paint spillages.

Professionals take many steps to avoid accidents and know which products are best to help make the job easier.

Keep your house clean!

We have seen gorgeous trim and hardwood splattered with paint by homeowners who did it quickly and cheaply. It is important to prepare the space for any slip-ups and to clean up after the job is done.

Professionals place the highest priority on protecting your home from paint damage. This is done with meticulous preparation and a steady hand.


Painting contractors are skilled and have the knowledge to tackle any job, as well as any unexpected problems that may arise. The walls will require more than just a coat.

A pro knows which paint products to use for painting a house. Contractors know which primer to use for specific stains and what to do if it cracks or dries improperly, how to approach lead paint, what a wall needs to achieve a smooth finish without clumps, and what paints will work best. They have also dealt with many other situations over the years.

No heavy lifting

You can avoid the hassle of moving heavy cabinets, china cupboards, or furniture. Instead, hire a contractor to do the job. They will be able to move heavy items safely to protect hardwood floors and prevent the glass from cracking.

Grand Painting’s crew is always equipped with drop cloths, sliders, and scratch-free drop cloths. They expect to need to move heavy furniture before they begin the job.

Professional painter Hornsby will assist you in getting the job done right in your area, so you are satisfied with your color choices and the final result.

A recent survey found that two-thirds (63%) of homeowners regretted a previous DIY project. One-third of them called in professionals to correct their mistakes. More than half of those surveyed said the project was more challenging than expected, with interior painting being the most common DIY project gone wrong.

Call Grand Painting to avoid being another statistic. We won’t give anyone the credit if you take home the painting of your home in front of your family and friends.