What is business consulting?

Business coaching is now standard practice for CEOs, as well as business owners who wish to grow their businesses. Yet, many business leaders do not understand what coaching is. A business coach is a relationship between a business owner/CEO and a professional coach whose goal is to help you develop your business. EMyth sees the role of a coach as helping you to create a vision that aligns well with your values. They will help you set your goals and provide support so you can move your business forward.

Hiring a coach for your business is not bringing in a low-touch consultant or industry-specific advisor to help you fix it. Many people who call themselves business coaches don’t hold any professional accreditations. It can be difficult for people to trust a coach’s methodology and quality of training. But it is also hard to judge their approach to life and business. Coaching is an extremely personal experience. You’re also buying their personality and why they do what you do.

Our proven and unique approach has transformed the businesses of thousands since our founder Michael E. Gerber created a modern business coach in 1977. We understand what it takes to make your business successful: trust and a strategic roadmap that will help you systematize all areas of your company.


A trusted partnership

Business coaching isn’t consulting and it’s also not therapy. A common misconception is that a business coach will be more like a consultant and do the work of building your business. They won’t. Coaches provide direction and guidance. They also serve as the accountability factor. This is what most business owners want: someone to help them keep their eyes on the prize.

A good coach will not tell you what you should do or give feedback without listening. Trust is key to a great business coach. Someone who can diagnose and fix specific issues in your company and understands that you must implement those solutions for real results.

Any coach should be able to listen and know the business well. You can’t expect them to be able to help you unless you understand the elements that make a great business great. They must be interested in you and your motivations to start a business.

Great coaches are patient. Your job is to clarify the next steps, but they also wait for your actions. They also help you keep your feet on fire for your goals. The key ingredient to transforming a business is your ability to relate differently to it.


Courage and curiosity from your coach

Great coaches are both curious and courageous. They are curious and look at every aspect of your business in order to discover the root cause of why it is stuck. The best coaches are skilled at asking the right questions at the right times. Great business coaches are honest with you. They can tell you the truth even if it hurts.


You’ll be a better leader if your coach can bring together these elements. The impact on your business will be evident in the way your company grows and stabilizes. You will see the difference in how your employees present themselves at work. The impact on your bottom line, customer retention, as well as how your work is changed within your company will be evident.


A clear plan

Your objective through Sydney business coaching is to build a successful company with intention. To accomplish this you need and a plan to follow. You’re more likely to have critical system gaps in your company if your coach doesn’t provide a plan to help you create the systems and strategies that you need. A great coach will have a proven program they can stand behind and be willing to implement.