10 tips that help you to clear your driving test

It’s normal to feel anxious on the day of your driving exam. A person you have never met will be sitting beside you and will grade your driving skills. Driving instructors play a very crucial role in learning driving skills.

This can affect your driving ability but there are ways to get past your nerves to pass your test the first time. These 10 driving test tips will help you pass your test.

  1. Test Day: Be punctual

You should arrive early for the driving test. Late arrival is dangerous as you may miss the test, or get lost in the middle of the traffic.

It is best to get to your test early, relaxed and after getting a good night’s rest. A final driving lesson with a qualified instructor is recommended before you take your test. This will help you to feel comfortable driving and cover any last-minute tips.

  1. Find Last Minute Learning Opportunities

Take a driving lesson with your instructor on test day. This will allow you to practice the maneuvers and get clarifications about driving best practices. A lesson will keep you calm and in the correct driving mindset on the day of your test.

Take the pre-learners course to get started early. This will give you the driving skills that you need to start learning on Perth roads.

  1. Make Sure You Have All the Documents You Need

You will be refused the test if you don’t show up with all required documents. You must ensure that your vehicle is properly registered, equipped, and roadworthy. Contact a professional driving school to determine if your vehicle is suitable for driving. Book a vehicle for the test.

  1. For clarification, ask

Relax if you don’t understand or miss the instructions during the test. Ask the examiner to repeat them. Inadequately following the instructions could lead to errors. Examiners will often be very understanding of the fact that you might have misunderstood or not fully understood their instructions. They will then repeat them clearly if asked.

  1. Never assume that you have failed

If you make a mistake, don’t panic and think you have failed the exam. Remember that minor errors are allowed by the examiner during the test. Keep positive and believe that you will pass.

If you do experience stalling during a test, don’t worry. Just get up and start the car again. Focus on the rest of your test and forget about the minor error.

  1. Get to know your driving test surroundings

You should know where the driving test is held. Take the time to learn about the area around Perth and the routes you can use. You can practice on both major and minor roads. It is a good idea to take at least a few lessons from qualified instructors who are familiar with the area and most common routes.

  1. Make sure to check your mirrors often

Minor faults are usually caused by a lack of observation from many learner drivers. This is a common problem when learning to driver a manual vehicle. There’s so much to do.

You can keep your eyes on the road by checking your mirrors regularly. This can be done when you’re about to change gears, change road positions, or approach hazards.

  1. Try Driving in Different Weather Conditions

Avoid making the mistake of wishing for a sunny day to pass the test. Weather is unpredictable. Try driving in different weather conditions.

You can get on the road in the dark or unclear conditions to gain the confidence you need for when the weather changes. This includes understanding safety car stopping distances both on wet and dry roads.

  1. Listen to your Instructor

Your instructor will assess your driving abilities and let you know if it is time to take the test. Your instructor will not benefit from you encouraging you to take an earlier test. Failing to pass will result in a loss of time, lower pass rates, and harm to your confidence.

Before you take the test, make sure to check with your instructor. If they agree, then go ahead.

  1. Don’t Rush

Don’t rush, and take the test only when you feel comfortable.

You can book a test with our experienced instructors.