Carpet Shopping: The Best Time

It is important to choose the right time when buying high-value products like a custom rugs with logo. There are many choices, however, some options are more costly than others. These big-ticket items add durability and personal flair to your space. It is crucial to know when you should shop for flooring.

The best time to purchase a new carpet is right before the winter holidays. There’s a carpet to suit your needs, whether you need a vintage carpet to cover your stairs or as a focal point in the living room. Experts recommend that you shop at other times of the year. Here are some tips from an interior designer as well as a rug buyer to make buying a new carpet easier on your wallet.

Carpet Shopping at the Best Times

May to Early June

You can also expect savings on new carpeting from May to June. You can also shop for the latest trends in carpeting at retail stores from May through June. Lyn Peterson is an interior designer and home product developer from New York. She also co-owns Motif Designs. “March through May are the best months to shop for new trends,” she says. “The best time to do a spring refresh is when most of our new arrivals are launched.”

This is due to the fact that there are fewer people buying carpets at this time of year. It’s worth considering these deals if you are unsure whether to buy carpets in May or June. The demand for carpets will rise again in the summer as homeowners attempt to finish their home improvement projects.


Even though holiday gift shopping is a busy time, this is not the best time to buy new carpets. Installing carpet is a laborious task that will create a mess. This means that a busy holiday season with indoor gatherings and parties will not be the best time to shop for new carpets.

When stores see that certain product categories are struggling, they will offer lower prices to encourage shoppers to purchase. This is especially true around holidays. If you are willing to compromise on your schedule, carpet retailers and manufacturers will cut the price of carpet installation and purchase. This could be a great opportunity to save on a carpet if you are not hosting or choosing low-key celebrations.


Some retailers may also offer promotions to clear out older stock and make way for new collections. Carpets last for a long time, and are not easily replaced.

Although you may be able to find savings during this period, it is best to wait until after the holidays to truly score a deal. Peterson says this window is a great opportunity to save. Peterson says that the post-holiday sale period is a great time to purchase carpet as retailers often lower their prices. Wall-to-wall carpeting can be installed during this period to protect floors from the elements, and also provide insulation that will make your home more cozy for winter.

Carpet Shopping: The Worst Time to Buy

Late summer and fall are the best times to purchase carpet. This is due to the popularity of other home-shoppers who are also interested in new flooring. It’s much easier to do last-minute work and improve your home before the winter and holidays. Gee and Peterson both insist that there is no wrong time to purchase carpet. It all depends on what you are willing to spend and when it will happen.

However, to save money, you need to consider the impact of supply-demand on prices in your industry. Homeowners are more likely to replace their carpets in the fall due to the increase in home sales and home purchases during summer. With that in mind, retailers anticipate a surge of sales and won’t lower their prices.

Carpet buying tips

Knowing the best times to purchase a new carpet is the first step. The next step is to know how to choose the right one. A new flooring investment can make a huge difference in your home. It can add color, character and function to your space. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice when shopping for carpet.

  1. Find out what suits your needs first

Gee says, “Think about what role it will play in your home.” These questions will make it easier to decide on the shape, design and material you want. Wool is a durable and high-quality material. Peterson says that wool is a good choice because it doesn’t trap or stain odors, and has a matte appearance that’s not shiny. A synthetic material such as polypropylene can resist stains and withstand wear and tear.

Peterson and Gee recommend a dense, short-woven, flat-weave carpet. Low-pile is better than high pile — especially in high traffic areas. It won’t leave footprints and will not recover its original shape.

  1. Consider Shopping In-Store

There are many in-person options for shopping for carpet. Although you can shop online, it is best to see and feel the models before you click ‘add to basket’. Once you are there, you can see what the shade of blue looks like and decide if it is right for you.

You can also test the carpet’s memory by poking your finger in the material to check how it springs back. You can also inquire about shipping and installation costs in-store.

  1. Get a Sample First

You can order a sample online or in person to see the layout of the new carpet in your home. Gee says, “Use your furniture arrangement as a guide to choosing the right carpet.” This will help you save money over the long-term, as returning or changing a color might not be possible without paying a fee.

  1. Do not bargain, just ask

You can negotiate depending on the place you shop. Peterson says, “If you are faced with the decision between two options, ask the retailer if you can get a better deal.” “Very often, I get a no.”

  1. Check the warranty

There are several common types of carpet that come with it, including stain warranties and fade resistance. Ask about the type of warranty that comes with your carpet purchase when you are looking at it. Double-check the warranties to make sure there are no exclusions.