Is it too much to ask for being sane?

My grandfather used to say to me when I was young that the world wasn’t like it when I was his age. He would then go on a lengthy rant about how different things were when he was his age. He would end his rant by saying, “It is an insane world out here, son.”

Although I don’t recall everything he said to me, one thing is certain: when he was young people were quite sane and did the things they did. I listened to him to the best of mine. However, it is possible to be sane for one person and insane for another.

I was recently able to recall saying the exact same thing to one of my grandchildren. Then it hit me: “Have you become my grandfather?”

After pondering the matter for a while, I wondered if this generation was as insane as mine. Is it possible that this generation inherited their madness?

It’s difficult to look at the culture around you with any senses of sanity. It is insane to try to listen to current music. I can’t understand the lyrics and they don’t make any sense.

In an effort to find out more, I visited the mall and sat down in the middle of the coffee shop, sipping my coffee and watching people go by.

It has been a while since I was out in public like that, and I don’t think I will ever do it again. However, watching these people made me think a lot about what true sanity looks like.

Many people walked in such embarrassing clothes that they were embarrassed to wear them.

Trousers were worn by young ladies that were full of holes, rips, and tears. They looked like they had just taken them out of a trashcan.

I was told by someone that these trousers cost $100 each. They are more expensive the more they are ripped and torn.

In public, no one wore pants like this when I was young. What was normal yesterday is insane today.

If I had known this sooner, I would have saved my pants and sold them to my retirement fund.

After I thought I had seen everything, about half a dozen young men walked past me. I believe they were young and their trousers were almost down to their knees. I was astonished at their ability to walk like this without falling, and it was beyond my comprehension.

I felt like I was going to say “Excuse Me, your pants are falling off!”

Where did something like this come from? Is that really “the thing”?

I would love to see them running away from a barking dog outside.

As I tried to clear the clutter and wag my head, I noticed something that initially scared me.

I was looking down one lane when I noticed three young women coming. I didn’t know what to do. They looked as though they had put on their clothes. I have never seen anything quite like it in my entire life. I didn’t know where to start. I wasn’t sure if I should run. Do I need to just close my eyes and sit there?

I noticed their clothes as they passed me. However, I couldn’t believe how they put those clothes on.

The young women in the photos were wearing painted-on clothes. I was able to appreciate their raggedy-torn pants. Although I don’t know which one is worse, I believe I would have voted in favor of the troubling trousers at the time.

I’m glad I had a cup to drink because I tried to calm down as I sat there. If this world isn’t insane, I am.

A young man came down and started talking like he was on the radio. I wondered if he had been drinking too much. He laughed and talked, and he laughed.

I noticed a connection between his ears and something that was running down his chin. He continued to talk as he walked past me. Then I noticed something very strange. The young man was speaking on the phone.

That’s at least what I called it. However, I don’t know the name of telephones in today’s world and how they work. This young man, however, seemed to understand the system and was working on it until the end.

If only my grandpa could have sat with me and seen what I saw, then he would have had a lot to say about it.

After finishing my coffee, I got up and went to get out to my car. As I drove home, my thoughts turned to sanity or insanity. I don’t think what is right in one generation is the same in another.

While driving, a favorite verse from Scripture came to mind. “The thing that has been is the thing that will be; and what is done is what is to be done: there is no new thing under sunlight” (Ecclesiastes 1:19).

If anyone knew anything about this topic, it was King Solomon. He is the wisest man to have ever lived. Although we may believe that what we do is novel, in all honesty, it is not.

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